Treasure Island or Isle of Pines, Cuba

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"To the north of that, again, there comes another cape --- buried in tall green pines,
which descended to the margin of the sea." Treasure Island

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Robert Louis Stevenson knew of Cuba's Isle of Pines. In his book, Treasure Island, the geography of Treasure Island is very similar to Isle of Pines. He spent his final years in Samoa where he was revered and given the name, Tusitala, or Teller of Tales. When Stevenson died, in 1894, 60 Samoan men took his body to the top of Mount Vaea, where he was buried.

"Give to me the life I love, Let the lave go by me, Give the jolly heaven above, And the byway nigh me. Give the face of the earth around, And the road before me. Wealth I ask not, hope nor love, Nor a friend to know me; All I ask, the heaven above, And the road below me." Robert Louis Stevenson

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