Cuba  Software User Groups' Annual Reference (SUGAR) Guide©

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As we enter year 2010, the new era of information technologies in Cuba, CyberCuba® and Havana Bay Company, Inc. have announced their intentions to develop a Cuba Software User Groups' Annual Reference (SUGAR) Guide©.  This Guide will be formatted to be useful to software users and will be divided into several sections.

In 2008, the sections of the Guide will be: (1) Communication Equipment, (2) Computer Hardware, (3) Computer Networks, (4) Computer Peripherals, (5) Computer Services, (6) Computer Storage Devices, (7) Electronic Instruments and Controls, (8) Office Equipement, (9) Scientific and Technical Instruments, (10) Semiconductors, (11) Software and Programming, and (12) Internet applications and technology.

Vendors and consultants may advertise and submit abstracts of products and services for this Guide. If software users would like to contribute to this Guide, please feel free to contact us.

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