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De los Cubanos, por los Cubanos, para los Cubanos

First, there was Silicon Valley in the San Francisco estuary area. Then, the New York City area, not to be outdone, designated Silicon Alley as a place for East Coast information technology professionals to congregate. It is clear the USA has no monopoly in the high technology and communications arena. An exciting example of this statement is LINUX®.  We would like to see Cuba be LINUX® enabled rather than Microsoft® dependent.  

Havana Bay Company, Inc. believes Latin America, as well as Asia, will continue to increase their credibility and activity in high technology after the Millennium. Cuba will be a leader in these areas…building upon the sophistication Cuba already has attained in biotechnology.

As you may know, “Calle” is the Spanish word for “street or lane”. Silicon, of course, refers to the computer chip and related industries. Therefore, Silicon Calle© (the “ll” in Spanish is pronounced as a “y” sound) is our first and best term for this emergent, albeit not clearly defined, inCUBAbator of high technology and communications in Cuba today. Regular updates and appraisals of this economic sector in Cuba are the focus of this publication. Helpful feedback and comments will be appreciated for continuously updated issues of Silicon Calle©.

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