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On May 13, 1993, we became the first and only company in the World to exclusively buy, sell and trade stocks, bonds and currency from Cuba.  We are pleased to offer our services to you: the collector or investor.

Central Violeta  Sugar $75.00
Consolidated Railroads of Cuba $105.00
Eastern Cuba Sugar CALL
Havana Electric $60.00
Preferred Havana Tobacco $75.00
North American Sugar $85.00
Cuba Company $90.00
Banco Territorial de Cuba $175.00
Cuba Northern Railroad $200.00
Republic of Cuba Bond (1905) $275.00
Havana American $85.00
Punta Alegra Sugar $80.00
Cuba Cane Products $95.00
Cuban Electric $45.00
Cuba Railroad $125.00
Cuba National Syndicate $135.00

USA capital markets, prior to the Castro revolution, provided funding for many corporations and their activities in Cuba. These corporations were usually organized in the USA but controlled assets in of the thorns in the side of Cuban nationalists who wanted less USA influence on daily activities in Cuba and ownership of Cuban property to held by Cubans, not USA citizens. Nationalization of USA assets in Cuba by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba peaked between 1960-1962. The securities listed are valued mainly as collectibles suitable for framing and display. It is unlikely any of them have residual value. Cuban 4 1/2% bonds of the Republic of Cuba due June 30, 1977 were traded on the New York Bond Exchange but these bonds are in default at this time and trading has been suspended This 4 1/2% bond issue has been halted and unavailable for trading since July 6, 1995. These bonds can be purchased through European investment houses. We enjoy buying, selling and trading pre-Castro Cuban securities that evoke a bygone capitalist era in Cuba. Capitalism built the infrastructure of Cuba between 1492 and 1960.

We anticipate a return of "enlightened capitalism" to Cuba in the New Millennium.  We anticipate Cuba to move towards a social democracy similar to Scandinavian countries as Cuba continues to enter the global market economy. It is unlikely Cuba will, in the near future, embrace the USA vignette of capitalism. The Great Possibilities of Cuba.

The global capital markets are witnessing the beginnings of securities exchanges in Shanghai and Vietnam. Even North Korea is holding a marathon with corporate sponsors having advertisements in the events/awards stadium.  A Pyongyang Stock Exchange anyone? It will happen too!!! When corporate Cuba is rebuilt, Cuba might very well have a tightly regulated securities exchange within 10 years, if for no other reason, to allow liquidity for all the joint ventures and investors (Spanish, Mexican, German, English, Canadian, Italian,  French, Israeli, etc.) pouring billions of US dollars of capital investments into Cuba today (see Cuba Business Journal ©). When allowed under U.S.A. laws, rules and regulations, we intend to make a market in private placements and other investment vehicles allowing U.S.A. citizens to invest in Cuba. Until that time, our activities are solely for the benefit of "manuscript hobbyists".


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